cody curtis

The school shooting that wasn’t: When a lockdown isn’t worth it →


This article is interesting because it is about how common school shootings are and precautions to keep children safe. The mom complains that the drills cause mental stress on the students and parents. When a swat team emerges the school the parent concludes thats where she draws the line. In the schools defense, I think that these lock down precautions are 100% useful and ethical. If the school did not use these tactics even if it is a false alarm, the school could be thought of as not keeping their students safe in their hands. I could see potential threats and suits to the school if they do not take initiative and do their job to keep the students safe. This may be an inconvenience for the students, and parents (mental stress) but it is all for good reasons.

Do you think the school is taking it too far by overstepping their moral obligations to ensure student safety? 

This is a little much. On a personal note, our middle school was placed in lock down after there was a news scandal that one of our teachers had relations with an eighth grade student. While no one knew what was going on, I found that later that a lock down seemed a little too much and unnecessary. It would’ve been beneficial to just remove the teacher from school immediately and have central office answer all press related matters.